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Hello Prim Friends.

This is my time to tell you all a little about myself and just how Hill Kountry Krafts came about. I was born in a quite country community. The daughter of a dairy farmer. Yes! The farmer's daughter! My grandmother, bless her heart, sat me at an old White sewing machine when I was about 12. Not having much on the farm as a child, we learned at a young age to "make do" with what you had. I found as I became an adult that "make do" was all a part of what makes prim so unique. And I've been makin' prim designs ever since! I just can't get enough of the prim neccessities of life! I must admit though that my wonderful hubby doesn't always agree. He tends to think my kreations a bit on the strange side and my little grandson says to me, "Grammie, that doll is UGLY." Now how do you explain to a four year old that it is suppose to be UGLY? As for my 3 beautiful grown children, they simply think I have to do my own thing. So, that's just what I'm a doing.

Makin' PRIMS to share with all of you!!

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